What time do you open?

We open Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00PM. Sunday and Monday October 31st we open at 7:00PM.

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What time do you close?

Ticket booth closes at 12:00AM Fridays and Saturdays. Sunday and Monday ticket booth closes at 11:00PM. If you are in the park by closing time you will still get to see all the attractions. There are line closing times posted at each attraction.

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How much does it cost and where do I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased online and at the ticket booth.

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Are you open if it rains?

Yes. We are open rain or shine. We have covered que lines and special accommodations in place for inclement weather. If we close due to flooding or weather so severe road closures are enforced then we'll put a notice on our web page.


I bought tickets online. Do I have to print them?

Yes, it is recommended that you print your tickets. Your ticket will have a bar code on it that you will need scanned in order to enter the attractions.

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Can I change the date on my tickets?

If for any reason you cannot attend on the day you purchased tickets, you may use your tickets on any other day. Your tickets are good all season. Schedule and Hours


How many times can I go through the attractions?

Your ticket allows one time access to the attractions depending on which ticket option you purchased. Any extra visits will require the purchase of another ticket. We offer many different tickets options.

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Are group discounts available?

Yes, we offer a group discount for groups of 10 or more for select dates.

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How long is the wait for the attractions?

The wait for each attraction varies depending on the day and time of visit. We do offer a LINE JUMPER pass available only on site at the ticket booth. LINE JUMPER pass allows immediate access to the front of the line. LINE JUMPER passes are an additional charge.


How much is parking?

Parking is on-site, always FREE and securely monitored by local Police. In some cases our parking is located off-site. Directions to parking will be provided at our front gate if we do so.


Are your attractions handicap accessible?

Our attractions are both indoors and outdoors, but there are sections that may have to be bypassed. Contact us if you require our assistance or have further questions.


How large of a group can enter the attractions?

It's in our best interest that you get the best show possible. We try our hardest to only let a max group of 6 - 8 per group and a minimum of 2 per group.


Is it scary?

Yes, We've been designing fear since 1974.


Are the attractions to scary for my child?

There is no age limit. However, The attractions are designed too be scary and may not be recommended for small children. We offer frightened children a glow stick that protects them from the monsters. Please use appropriate judgment. There are no refunds.


Do you sell food?

Yes, we have a food vendor that has food, snacks and drinks available.


What should I wear?

Our attractions are both indoors and outdoors. Dress accordingly. It is recommended to avoid heals and wear close-toed shoes.


Do you use fog and strobe lights?

Yes. You will experience intense audio, lighting, low visibility, strobe lights, and fog.


Can I enter the attractions if I have asthma, epilepsy, are pregnant or have heart conditions?

It is not recommended that you enter any of the attractions if you suffer from asthma, heart conditions, prone to seizures, or are pregnant.







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